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Love Triangle (Hot Roomies) is a 'visual novel' game from the 'otome' sub-genre. Like most games of this genre, you play a young woman who meets new people and starts relationships. In this story, your character shares an apartment with two good-looking guys.

The gameplay in Love Triangle (Hot Roomies) is typical for the genre: you progress though the adventure by chatting and interacting with the characters, with your responses affecting your relationships and future events. How the game progresses depends on the decisions you make.

The story begins when your heroine moves into a shared apartment to start her new life after graduating from college. She's soon surprised to discover she's sharing the apartment with an old friend who's now a teacher, and an intrepid reporter. Of course, you can chat and interact with both of them.

Love Triangle (Hot Roomies) is a fun 'otome' game, with great graphics and endless story possibilities. How does the story end? That depends on you and the choices you make!
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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